11,000 scientist warned that Global warming is not a comedy

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40 years before there are only few scientists met in Geneva to made a conversation about the Global warming. After that meeting now more than 11,000 scientists were signed a letter in the journal BioScience. This is the largest number of scientists support the action against the climate change.

What happen in the last 40 years?

In last 40 years people increased the amount of global warming gases, These gases causes the Global Warming.
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What we do to improve the environment?

 1. Set a predetermined goal like to reduce the global temperature by 2 degree Celsius.

2. Reducing the use of fossil fuels and replacing the fossil fuels from the low-carbon renewable fuels.

3. Reduce the emissions of short-lived pollutants like methane. 

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As an Individual reduces the fuel consumption; Use cycles for the local transport and vote the parties who have the clean and clear cut Climate change policies.

Lots of small changes like these will help to construct the environmentally improved society.

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