25th International Wildlife Photograph Competition

Credits: CDN

     Great news for the Camera freaks. AFPAN “L’Or Vert” (Association for the Wildlife and Nature Photo Festival) conducting a free Photographic competition on wildlife images. Organization accepting images from all over the world. The competition aims to show the flora, fauna, landscapes and even the biodiversity of the mother world. The Photography Festival will take place from 17th to 20th November of 2021 in Montier-en-Den, France. 

Still, There’s Time ***ISRO CyberSpace Competition 2021 ***


      Individual Participants can apply without an age barrier. Youngsters under age 16 have a separate competition. Each young participant must get permission from their parent or guardian to enter the contest.


The last date for submissions must be received before midnight of 30th April of this year.


     All categories of images or videos must be in original RAW files or video rush required. The single-shot image that conforms to the original, excluding HDR, focus staking overprint. The minimum editing can be allowed for minimum detailing. Contrast, colour changing, black and white correction, cropping, reversal of reading directions and localized retouching are not allowed.

  • Wild birds in nature (3 photos maximum)
  • Wild mammals in nature (3 photos maximum)
  • Other wild animals in nature (3 photos maximum)
  • Wild Plants (maximum 3 photos)
  • Graphic, Form and Matter of Nature (maximum 3 photos)
  • Nature Landscape (3 photos maximum)
  • Still image sequences, Harmonious, Chronicology (3 to 5 images)
  • Film sequence (see article 6)
  • Man and Nature (3 photos maximum)
  • Nature Revisited (3 Photos maximum)

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