5 Benefits of walnut

5 Benefits of walnut

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  You want more fibres and healthy fats you definitely need a piece of walnut. These nuts were studied and interested in most of the scientists and industries about the last 50 years. There are a variety of walnuts are available in nature but English walnut is the only type is studied more.

Rich antioxidant

      This kind of walnuts is contained a rich antioxidant. It contains vitamin E and melatonin; Polyphenols are mostly contained in the upper layer of the walnut. This chemical compound fight against the oxidation damage in our body including damage by bad cholesterol.

Oh its have omega-3

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   omega 3 is a healthy fatty acid that mostly contained in the fish, but this kind of nuts also give the same amount of omega-3. You must consume this fatty acid 1.6gram for men and 1.1 gram for women. The worthy plant source for omega-3 is walnut. This helps you from the heart problem risk.

Reduce the cancer risk

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 Polyphenols that reduce you from the cancer risk including breast, colorectal and prostate cancer. This research is made by using a test tube and human tissues more human studies needed to study about this result.

Reduce in diabetes type 2 

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     In the study between the 100 people having type 2 diabetes. They took a 3 teaspoon of the walnut oil for 30 days with their regular diet and continuing diabetes tablets that reduced 8% of the blood sugar of the type 2 diabetes patients.

creating High-pressure free world

  Taking 28 grams(1 ounce) of walnut every day that helps you to balance your blood pressure at a normal level. Also, have a neat diet to improvement in high pressure.

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