Abeka Homeschooling Review


abeka homeschooling review
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Small History:

      Thinking about Homeschooling, Abeka books LLC receives a significant position without hesitation. The company first started in 1972, the initial time company known as A Beka Books. They produce K-12 curriculum materials that used by many Christian schools and homeschooling families. The company creates contents with the help of Pensacola Christian College (PCC). The company named after Rebeka Horton, who is the wife of college president Arlin Horton. Later the company changes its name to Abeka books. They Started creating video contents and sold them via DVD and the Internet. Abeka video program, traditional parent-direct orientation programmes are accredited with the help of Middle States Associated College(MSAC) and Florida Association of Colleges and Schools(FACS).


     The company created thousands of books and materials for students. They frequently organize orientation programmes for homeschooling parents. Different types of books like novels, textbooks, bibles and activity books improve the children between age 3 and 16. Their main advantage is creating books for children under age 6 with their fictional teachers. Button bear, Amber lamb, Phonic are their best fictional characters to inspire children to learn with joy. Abeka also sells their educational kits and activity gears for their children. Their activity products and books are performing well in the market and get a better review online.

     Homeschool contents include video contents, video lessons, activity kits and book materials. Their flexible schedules increase the possibilities of improving the learning curve. Like most of the institutes, they also provide their religious contents. Selecting those contents are only up to you.


     Abeka also has some drawbacks. The organizations like the University of California and the National Center for Science Education questioned their science curriculum. They criticized Abeka for including the Genesis and Young Earth Creationists concepts in the Origin of the universe, Origin of life and evolution sections. These religious concepts contradict the millions of science people. Creating a unique site for homeschooling without Christian concepts will overcome this problem.

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