Ancient marvel Saudi Arabia’s Al Naslaa Rock

Saudi Arabia’s Al Naslaa Rock

          We all know about Saudi Arabia a well wealthy in oil and camels and a large number of the desert. Here Al Naslaa is one of the marvellous places in that country. Here the rock is placed on the support by two tiny stones (like Krishna’s Butterball). But the difference between these two rocks is the cleavage in Al Naslaa. It looks very smooth. No one knows how they carved like this without modern equipment. The crack is almost looking like a laser cut.
  The stone is 4000 years old. Most people want to see this rock.

Krishna’s Butterball – Mahabalipuram

Krishna's butter ball
Credits: Amusing planet

     Krishna’s butterball rock placed on Mahabalipuram, Tamilnadu. The 20 feet height rock just balanced by the 4 feet base. How does it happen? We all know pretty well about every object we throw that return to the surface due to gravity. This rock placed in favour of the gravitational pull, but the rock comfortable that’s not affected by gravity.

   Scientist and geologists made a lot of theories about this stone. Many of them said that friction stops the rock. But the rock placed in the sloppy design. Center of gravity of the rock into the small area that prevents from rolling.

Al Naslaa Rock- Saudi Arabia 

credits: Science101

     Al Naslaa is similar to the Butterball rock but has a minimum difference. There the entire thousand kilograms of the rock balanced by the small rock. Where the two are having the cut. The cut gives the exact mirror of the other piece.

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