Beware of these mobile phones

Beware of these mobile phones

Smartphones become one of the essential things in our life. Everyone uses mobile phones for once in every hour. They can do our work very easier than anyone could do in the last decades. Except calling these mobiles used for playing videogames, music, movies, ordering food and clothes. Also, it can pay your bills also. According to the new study, Most popular branded mobiles in India Mi A1, One plus, emits more radiations.
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What is the limited level in India

  In India, all mobile phones radiation limits are classified and controlled by the SAR value. Most of the mobiles are exceed the limit. The approved maximum limit for mobile phones is below 1.6W/kg. Most of the mobile phone models from LG, Xiaomi, One plus and even world-class brands Apple and Google also emit the more radiation. This research is taken in Germany, not in India. A small fact is the SAR limit for Germany is 2.0W/kg.
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Top 10 mobiles with the radiation level

Xiaomi Mi A1         1.75
Oneplus 5T              1.68
Mi Max M3             1.58
Oneplus 6T              1.55
HTC U12 Life         1.48
Mi Mix 3                 1.45
Google Pixel 3        1.39
Oneplus  5               1.39
I phone 7                 1.38
Sony Xperia XZ1    1.36

These mobiles are increasing your life by its low radiation

Samsung Galaxy Note 8   0.17
ZTE axon lite                    0.17
Nokia 6                             0.21
Nokia 8                             0.22
Nokia 2                             0.23
Samsung Galaxy A8        0.24
LG G7 ThinQ                   0.24
Nokia 7.1                          0.26
Moto Z                              0.30
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Check Your self

Check your mobile radiation is very simple that just click this number on your mobile *#07# the pop-up will appear and shows the SAR value of your mobile. Comment your mobile radiation level with your model name to help everyone share this news for everyone to avoid the Hazardous radiation.

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