Can you hear a mobile ringtone on the moon?

 Can you hear the ringtones of mobile on the moon?

     It looks crazy; In reality, no one calls you on the moon or whatever place in space because there’s no cell phone tower. So, the mobile cannot receive any signal and transmit. Just assume that your alien friend calls you with his own cell phone tower station all over the moon. Otherwise, imagine you put on the music from your mobile storage, not one from YouTube. In both cases, you cannot hear any sound.

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Ringtones Need Helper:

     Sound and light travel in the waveform. Light doesn’t require any medium to travel through. So they can travel in a vacuum too. That’s why the light travels from the sun to reach us in the vacuum space. Sound waves are quite different. They require a medium to travel from one place to other. When the sound waves are travel faster in the denser medium.

Why no sound on the moon? :

      There’s no air in the moon’s atmosphere. In this space(vacuum), there’s no way to sound travel through the different places. So, no one can hear the ringtone sound. Even we cannot recognise the voices of our co-traveller. That’s why scientist uses sign languages in space to communicate each other. Astronauts also use walkie talkies or other radio communication devices on the moon. Like light waves, Radio waves are also electromagnetic wave. That doesn’t require any medium to travel.

    Astronaut’s voice signals converted into electrical signal. That electrical signal overlapped with the radio signal and transmitted into space. These transmitted wave recognised by the remaining Astronauts with the help of a radio wave receiver. This receiver unit splits the electromagnetic wave and the electrically modified sound wave. Astronauts always wear oxygen tanks. Because of the oxygen-filled helmet, one can able to hear the sound wave. They place their speaker and mike always inside the helmet.

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