Crazy animals they do everything strange

Crazy animals they do everything strange

Wife eats her husband

Anacondas are very large compared to other snakes. They don’t have venom so they use the rolling technique to kill its food. These snakes surround their prey by their huge muscles to kill them. These huge snakes are not having male and female equality. Male is comparatively smaller than female. After the mating female monsters eat the male one. The reason is very simple the male contains more protein this helps the female to give good birth.
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Rose milk idea created from here

 The Hippopotamus is one of the huge animals in the land after the Elephant. These animals nearly tonnes in weight. The weird thing is they produce pink colour milk. From their special gland, they can produce pink coloured milk. The fun fact is hippos give birth in underwater. One cup of Hippo milk contains 500 calories.
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It is male or Female

 Hyenas are different from other species. You shouldn’t identify the male or female animal by its sexual organ because they two are the same. Hyenas female organ also looks like a male one. That confuses all including the same species. For this reason, they give birth with full pain.
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