Death of stars is Birth of the Universe

Death of the Stars is Birth of the Universe

     Death of the stars is not simple like our death it is very difficult to explain. Before that, we know the Stars age calculation. I have already posted about this visit by click here. Simply age of the stars is decided by its flame colour. Old stars in red colour and Young stars in blue colour. Here the mass of the stars took an important role in Death of these stars. Famous Indian physicist S.Chandresekhar described this. This theory is named by his name Chandrasekhar’s Limit. He classified stars death in three categories they are
  • White Dwarf
  • Neutron Stars
  • Black Hole 

White Dwarf

 When the mass of the star below or equal to the 1.4 solar mass(mass of the sun), the core of the star tends to die as a dwarf star. Here the temperature of the star slowly decrease. Changing its colour from White to red and yellow finally it becomes black.
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Neutron Star

  When the mass of the star between 1.4 to 5 solar mass the star tends to die as a neutron star. This neutron star emitting high radiation and light from its core that state is called Pulsars.
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Black Hole

 when the mass of the star is more than 5 solar mass it tends to die as a Black Hole. The black hole is the huge gravitational area in the space. Its gravitational field is so great that no object can escape from it. 
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