Deep discusion about the all explosive bombs

All countries and terrorists are using the bombs to explode everything they don’t need. These bombs don’t know anything it kills everybody and destroys everything.  Commonly these bombs are classified into three categories they are,

  • Chemical
  • Mechanical
  • Nuclear

Chemical Bombs

 These made by the use of strong chemical toxins to kill or made harmful injuries to the people. Most recently used chemical bomb is Sarin and the most powerful chemical bomb is Phosgene and VX. The primary substance in this chemical bomb is Nerve agents, blister agents and blood agents.

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Mechanical bombs

 In the time world war 2, soldiers mostly use these kinds of bombs because these bombs are quite easy to use. Dodge bomb and other bombs are a mechanical bomb. These bombs explode due to pressure and heat.

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Nuclear bomb

 These are the most dangerous bombs. These bombs don’t need any introduction simply it kills everyone and destroys the good environment for more than a thousand years. Till now Hiroshima doesn’t have a single plant.

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This bomb produces millions of degree temperature that melts all species around the area.
Also, scientists classify these bombs by the method of using and explosive power.

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