electrostatic force

Electrostatic Force calculator is here

Find Electrostatic Force between two charges

Enter Frist Charge value (c)

Enter Second Charge value (c)

Enter distance between two Charges (m)

Electrostatic Force is(N):

Note: Enter the charge values in Coulomb mostly they present in micro or nano coloumb change it coulomb by using power. Use the power symbol e instead (10^).

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Electrostatic Force:

The electrostatic force is one of the fundamental forces comparatively larger stronger than the gravitational force but only effect on smaller distance. The force experience between two charges, when two charges placed between smaller distance there’s force takes place. When the charges are the same the force between them repels each other. If the force between them is the same they attract each other.

The force is directly proportional to the multiplication of charges and inversely proportional to the distance between them.

electrostatic force

q_1 and q_2 are the charges its unit is Coulomb

r is the distance between them

K is the constant that is related to the permittivity of free space.

The electrostatic force is usually a vector quantity that relative to the distance.

Small Experiment on electrostatic force:


  • Comb/ plastic scale
  • paper pieces


Take a comb or plastic scale and rub that on your hair for more than a minute. Take the rubbed comb and move along the small paper pieces you experience that comb attracts the paper pieces. Where plastic comb rubbed by the hair contains charges that opposite to the charges present in the paper so that attracts each other.

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