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Online courses for high school students are completely free.


Free online courses for high school students

     As high school students, we play video games and play with friends. We don’t play for the whole day. Most of the time is demolished in social media. Now we see about how to spare the time and spend effectively. Due to the pandemic, we cannot move to some strange place to learn. So, how about learning in your room? It sound’s great. Isn’t it?


To learn online, you need the four most important things they are,


  • Smartphone or computer/ laptop


  • Good internet connection


  • Curious mind


  • This list

Online Courses for school students:

     Now see about some online courses for school students. As high school students, we cannot afford the costliest courses from Edx and Coursera. So, this article shares various types of sites that offer free or almost free (low cost) courses.

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. HTML
  4. Kotlin
  5. Matlab




Free online courses for high school students



     The entire world almost shrunk into the computer. To survive in future, we need to learn at least two computer languages. Most of the Schools and colleges teaches computer languages. But some of them doesn’t teach computer languages. So, it’s our responsibility to learn them.

     In earlier, people use Fortran to write their formulas and find solutions for their problems. Later C and C++ take place. Now the well emerged language one should know is python. Python is used in many applications including, research, solving problems and etc. Some platforms provide free python introductory courses. They are,




Some paid python courses that provide certificates also,





One of the evergreen courses in computer language is Java. Lots of websites, applications do not work without Java. Learning this language helps you to create a website and some portion of the application. Learning Java for free from these websites,







     HTML is the simple language to design websites. When this is combined with CSS, the language becomes more powerful and provide mesmerizing design. There are more than 1000 jobs are posted on freelancers for web designing. Learn javascript, a unique language to design websites along with CSS and HTML, assures more opportunities. To learn these courses for free, check out the below websites,






     The modern programming language is uniquely crafted for android app development. Android apps are usually programmed with Java and Python. In some cases, developers use the C language too. So, Android created Kotlin to eliminate the absurd situation. Kotlin was developed as a Java-based language. To learn Kotlin for free, google itself provides free assets.






     Matlab is the language to solve math problems, analyze data, create algorithms and process images. Generally, Matlab helps engineering students solve complicated assignments. Matlab developers are the high paid developers in this list. This language is owned by Mathworks. This website itself has answers to the questions about this language. There are few courses to learn Matlab.






     These all are well known and well-developed computer languages. Students should aware of these languages after high school. The list contains both paid and free courses, be cautious before paying for classes. Don’t pay too much for computer language courses, use the above list that will help you.

     Let us know in the comment section about any doubts or applying for courses or anything missed on this list. Don’t forget to share.




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