Gorgeous animals ever

Gorgeous Animals Ever

Nature gives more and more for the living species in the world. It gives beauty to some animals and others look like ugly last week we saw ugliest animals in the world. Now we discuss the Most beautiful and  Gorgeous animals in nature. Let’s start the countdown. It based on my opinion only if you like more animals apart from this list, you will comment on the place.
  1. Serbian Husky

                   Serbian husky is the breed of dog it is friendly for children. For its lovingness, I put it in the list. These Dogs are very calm and also aggressive with enemies. Most people like these dogs as their pets. It can live only 12 to 14 years. These guys originated in Serbia. Approximately it has 60 kg weight and 60cm height. It is similar to Alaskan Malamute and Alaskan Husky. It has a double layer coat for protection from the snow. 

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       2. Mandarin fish
                       Mandarin fish have bright color. Its only fish colored in its dragonet family. It is popular in the saltwater aquarium. Its located on the Pacific Ocean and also in Ruyuku Islands south to Australia. Don’t judge by its cover It smells disgusting. It has poison mucus on its outer surface from this it creates an open wound on its Prey.  It eats shrimps in salt water. If you want this fish you can buy this for 30 US dollars in various shops.
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      3. Fennec Fox
                               Hey if you like Dogs you will like these too. These foxes are near to the red fox. It is the small fox found in the Sahara desert in North Africa. These are in pale brown color skin and have a cute large ear like all fox families. These Foxes are 1.6 kg in weight and have 20 cm height. People like these Foxes to be their pet. These domestic Foxes approved to be pet by the USA it costs more than 8000 US dollars.
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        4. Black-backed Kingfisher
                             Where come to the birds all birds look beautiful among them some of the birds are more gorgeous they are some macaws and lovebirds. Black-backed Kingfishers are tiny and got a good color finish of their body. These also known by the three-toed Kingfisher. It located in southeast Asia and India.
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     5. Poison Dart Frog
                          It is a family of frogs having Bright colors on their back and attracts all of the people to them. They have different patterns for each one. These have 28 different structural alkaloids on their back that make these frogs too dangerous. The most poisonous frog Golden Dart has enough toxin to kill ten to twenty men. Leimadophis Epinephelus is the natural predator for these frogs they create a resistive for these frogs toxin in that body
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