How does the Lightning arrester work

How does the Lightning arrester works?

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 Lightning Arresters are first invented by Benjamin Franklin. American Inventer, Politician, Authour, Poet. He is a multitalented personality. He invented the Lightning arrester with a thick metal rod with pointed end upwards is fixed on the top of the building. The rod is connected to a copper disc, buried inside the earth, Using a thick cable. When lightning strikes, the charges are carried to the ground through the rod and the copper disc. Also, the pointed ends leak the charges outward by protecting the building.
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How to stay safe when lightning strikes

  1.  We should not take shelter under the trees, as they may catch fire.
  2. We can take shelter inside the house and vehicle
  3. If we do not have any shelter, We can squat down in low lying areas or pits.
  4. We should avoid staying in elevated places and running in open places.

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