How the hair grows?

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                     Hair root place is known as the follicle from that hair grows. this follicle is got its nutrition from the small blood veins. Important nutrition of the hair is protein. Humen hair is fully made up of the dead cells, for this reason, we couldn’t feel any pain during our hair cut. The upper part of the hair known as the hair shaft. Shinningness of the hair is caused by the oil from the sebaceous gland. This sebum oi gives the shinny to our hair because f this oil we need to wash our hair sometimes. otherwise, it smells bad.
How many hairs we lose?
          Mostly we lose fifty to a hundred hairs every day while combing and washing our hairs. If you don’t do this kind of activities also hair loses happen. Approximately a hair grows for 4 to 7 years. After that, the hair falls and after two months new hair rises at the same place. The fact is male hair grows faster than women’s hair.
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Why Some people have a bald head?
        People become old that causes the inability of their follicles to grow new hair that creates a bald head. Also, people think too much or in frustration causes the bald head. The simple thing is thinner hair persons become bald-headed soon.
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