How the moon formed

How the moon is formed and revolve around our earth?

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Earth is a unique planet in our solar system. It has living things all over the planet. This planet has only one moon. From the last three decades, people and scientist confused and they tried to answer the question How the moon is formed? but they failed to explain till the moon mission from NASA. NASA’s satellites and rovers are taking stone and sand samples from the moon. This samples confirmed that the moon is created by the earth because the moon’s sand has materials like the earth has.          

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From this above discussion, astronomers conclude the theory about the formation of the moon. Millions of years ago an asteroid named Diya hit the massive earth. This collision cracked the earth and the asteroid both. The cracked pieces of these both astronomical bodies revolve around the earth by its gravity. After some period the particles combined and become some huge massive stones. These stones are revolved around the planet like rings of the Saturn. After the millions of years, the stones formed as a planet named as the moon. 
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