How to create the glue at home| simple steps

1. Method one:

How to make a simple super glue with petrol and thermocol - YouTube
         Making a real and powerful glue to stick the plastics, cardboard and other things is easy

Things You need:

  • Thermocol
  • Gasoline
  • bowl


    Cut the Thermocol into tiny pieces and place into the bowl. Now mix these pieces with the gasoline. Now, you see the thermocol started to burn and shrunk. Start to stir the thermocol mixture and make it as liquid this. This glue useful to stick the plastic goods.

2. Method two:

How to make paper mache paste with flour and water - YouTube
         Make a glue to stick the paper and cardboard by the flour.
Things you need:

  • flour
  • sugar
  • bowl
  • water


  It’s very simple to create first you need to mix the three teaspoons of flour with the 9 teaspoons of water. After that put a tablespoon of sugar into the mixture and mix the flour until it becomes gel form. add some water frequently to make liquid form properly. This glue is useful to stick the paper and cardboard. Stir the flour on the flame will give the better result.

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