How To Find The Gravitational Force?

The gravitational force between the two masses is determined by the below calculator.

Enter the First mass value(kg)

Enter the Second mass value(kg)

Enter the Distance between two masses(m)

Gravitational force is (N):

The gravitational constant given here is calculated from the equation,

Gravitational Formula

The value mass values are provided in kg and the distance value is in meters.

Use e instead of 10 power values (eg: for 103use e3)

Gravitational Force:

Gravitational Force is one of the Four Fundamental Forces. Among these four forces, Gravitation is the weakest force but has a large range. Our Earth revolving around the Sun due to this force. From this basic understanding, scientists created satellites to revolve around the Earth. This force is also known as a universal force.

Gravitational Force


The gravitational force is directly proportional to the mass values of the objects. Whenever the mass increases the Gravitational Force increases. This clearly shows that the interaction between Sun and Earth is more than the interaction between the Earth and Moon.

Also, the Gravitational force is inversely proportional to the squared value of the distance between the two objects. whenever the distance increases the gravitational force decreases and the gravitational force increases with the distance decreases. This can clearly explain the gravitational field from the Moon interacts more with Oceans on our planet than the interaction between Earth and Sun.

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Some History:

Newton claimed that all celestial objects move by the same force exerted on the free-fall objects in our earth. But Aristotle not accepted that He said that all heavenly objects move in natural motion along with the Earth centre motion. General Aristotle concepts were used before the 16th century. After that Kepler accepted the Sun Centric concept of Copernicus and made little modifications. That proved all planets or heavenly objects moves with the help of gravity.

The above equation is determined from the Newton to determine the gravitational force between two objects.

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