How to improve your quarantine time as useful

1. Family:

    People have more time in this quarantine to spend with their family members. This time helps one who realises and understand the character of their own family member and their friend. This time is useful to speak freely with your respected people like parents and friends. Use the quarantine time to enjoy with friends and family by speak with them.

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2. Games:

   Most of the people in our native started to play their own cultural games like snakes and ladders; and other board games. Some play the cards with family and friends in the house. Most of the cricket and other sportsmen also play inside the house and breaks their properties with their huge kicks and massive shots.

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3. Social Media:

   Most of the youngsters start their war through the Online chats on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook and etc. some started the riddles and other dares like say Hi; answer the question and many. These people spend lots of time on these kinds of activities. These are not bad because this also helps to build a strong connection between the friends and your loved one during this quarantine.

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4. Reading and Writing:

   Some of the people (very few) started their passion by reading books. Another type of people started their drawing, poem, stories and they usefully spend their time in these kinds of hobbies. Even some of them also started the Youtube channel and explain their quarantine time.

Why Children Still Need to Read (and Draw) Maps | PBS KIDS for Parents

5. Not but not least:

     All of us thinking about how to spend the time in this quarantine time but, still, the IT people are working during this precious quarantine time in their home; they name it as Work From Home. The bitter truth is all having children in their house they don’t know the value of the laptop that workers claimed the laptop from their own companies. So they more careful with these things.

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What’s your plan in this quarantine time place it on the comment section.

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