How to select a perfect pen in just few seconds?

We can say that almost everyone at least touches this in their life. So, what’re these?; what are the different types of the pen ?; How to choose a perfect pen for you?; and How to make one by yourself? are the common questions around the online community this post rectify your problems.












Reed pens

The history of pen started in Egypt. People carved the bamboo sticks into small sticks to note their data in cloths and walls. The first pen determined from 3000BC. These Egyptian Pens are also, known as Reed pens. The tiny bamboo tubes are carved at one end to act as a nib, and another side of the bamboo used to store ink for writing. Reed pens used for more than centuries.

Quill Pen


In the 16th century, the people of Seville in Spain started to use Quill pens. Quill pens made of goose or swan feathers. They dry those feathers to ensure there are no biological fluids like blood and oil. Because those fluids can react with ink and make them worse, One end of the feather is carved with a knife to make a nib shape. The writer needs to sharpen the feather tips, and also require to dip the nib frequently.


In 1822, Steel point pens replaced Quill pens. They used plastic or metal with a steel nib. Even this design also need to immerse into the ink bottle. In 1827, Petrache Poenaru invented the first fountain pen. It contains a provision to carry the ink. After that, there’s no need to soak the nib into ink. This generation of fountain pens created by Lewis E Waterman in 1884. He developed the fountain pen design and got the patent. Fifty-nine years later, John J Loud invented the first ballpoint pen.


Working Principle:


Fountain Pen

Fountain pens contain three chambers. Writing the pen air flows into one container that draws ink away from the storage place. These pens also, having a small ink reservoir just under the nib. This reservoir helps one to write a least of ten words while the entire ink cartridge dried. 


Ballpoint pen

Not like a fountain pen, a Ballpoint pen contains a small bearing inside the nib. While writing, the ball bearing moves around to draw the ink outside and make a perfect letter. Ballpoint pens mostly depend on gravity. 


Zero Gravity pen

People think about creating a pen to write without gravity. As a result, in 1966 Paul C. Fisher invented the first zero-gravity pen that can write without gravity. These pens used by Astronauts during the Appollo Space mission. Zero gravity pen can able to write without atmosphere and gravity. Even these can write underwater where the temperature ranges from -30 degree to 230-degree Fahrenheit.

 Read more about history: click here

Types of pens:


Based on the usage and design, we can classify pens into five major groups. They are,


1.     Fountain pen


2.     Ballpoint pen


3.     Marker pen


4.     Gel pen


5.     Highlighter pen


Fountain Pen:


Fountain pens contain a cartridge to store ink. Usually, some fountain pens consist of a static cartridge that needs to replace the ink only. Some of them require the entire cartridge change.





  • Better handwriting compares with other pens.


  • Environmental friendly, because we use these pens more then a few years




  • Hard to maintain


  • Some low-quality pens leak by external causes.


BallPoint Pens:


These pens are in various designs like click pen, roll pen, etc. Ink in this pen is in a compact form.




  • Write faster than compared to other pens


  • Cheaper than candies




  • Pressure from those pens can pass from one page to other.


  • Sometimes ink can cross over the pages.


  • Ballpoint pens mostly made of plastic. Because of the use and throw feature, it turns into litters in our mother earth. 


Marker Pens:


Marker pen

Also, known as the felt tip pens. These pens contain a nib made up of fibres connected with the alcohol-based ink.





  • Used to colour the pictures easily


  • Create colourful drawings and charts.




  • You cannot use this in papers because the ink flows for even ten pages.


  • Better experience only in large handwriting. 

Gel Pen:


Gel Pen

Gel pen uses water-based ink to provide a clean writing experience. Some Gel pens also contain glitter objects to make a sparkling text.




  • The high intense amount of ink used to highlight your writing.




  • It can quickly dry out.


  • Requires more time to dry the written texts. Small mistakes turn the written into a mess.





Same as a marker pen, this one contains alcohol-based ink but in less dense compared with that.




  • Easy to highlight the texts you need.




  • Highlighters are only available in a minimum number of colours.


How to select a pen?


The previous section( types of pens), can determine the required one based on design and usage. When you write on the paper, you don’t consider the marker and highlighter. They make the remaining sheets worse. In fountain and ballpoint pen you choose one to write documents and exams. For better handwriting, select the fountain pen. If you consider the timing, then you will move for the ballpoint pen. Think about to make titles, Quotes and subtitles to look richer then go for Gel pens (with sparkles) or the smaller version of marker pen known as stick pen. For drawing and colouring purposes are fulfilled by markers and sketch pens. Both two are alcohol-based, but some sketch pens made by water ink. More tips to choose a pen touch here.


How to make a pen at home?


Now we see about how to make a Quill pen at home.

·        We need a Goose, swan or cock feather. Please don’t hurt the birds while snatching the feather. Otherwise, prefer the waste feather left by those birds. Take the feather and clean them, place those feathers in direct sunlight. The sunlight evaporates the fluids inside the feather. Now sharpen the tip of the feather with a blade or knife to make it as a nib. Your Quill pen is ready. Write whatever you want with the help of ink. Frequently, sharp the tip to increase the smooth handwriting.  Also, we can connect a metal nib with the feather. How to make a ballpoint pen at home?




Determine the pen whatever you want to be based on your needs. I also provided some suggested pen links.


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