How to select a soap in a minute?

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When you think about bathing, realize why you select that particular soap for flavour, colour, ingredients, etc. Sometimes people bath with whatever soap they have. So, how to buy a perfect soap?; is there any trick behind it?. In this article, we discuss the types of soap and select them for each and particular skin. First of all kind of soaps are antibacterial soap, weather it’s Cinthol, Mysore sandal, Dettol or any other. Oh, I forget that this article does not contain promotion and criticism of the brands. I am only targetting the science behind selecting the soap.

Basic things need to know before buying the soap:

TFM is the most important thing that’s the amount of Glycerin contains in the soap. When TFM is more than 75% of those soaps classified as Grade 1, and the soaps between 75- 65% are known as Grade 2. Below 65% is known as Grade 3 soaps. Also, read the ingredients in the soap. Hundred per cent vegetarian soaps are recommended to all. Determine the soap by the classification of the soap or by the type of soap. 

Classification of soap:

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Deodorant soap:

These soaps are killing 50-80% of the microbes and bacteria in the body. The main focus of this soap to give fresh fragrant to the body nothing more than that. Some deodorant brands produce this kind of soaps.


  • Reduce odour in your body
  • fragrance lasts for more than a day


  • Kills fewer microbes
  • Not recommended for the best clean

Bathing Soap:

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Bathing soaps are similar to the Deodorant soaps but, they kill more microbes than the Deodorant soaps(around 85%). These soaps care your skin more than compare to other soaps.


  • Reduce skin damage
  • produce fragrance to our body


  • Not suitable for all persons
  • Easily Dissolute in water so, you need to more number of soap.

Toilet Soap:

Don’t be panic these soaps, are also, used for the bathing toilet is just for the namesake. These Toilet soaps are clean all kind of microbes and bacteria (around 95%). These soaps are the best companion for the rough skin type.


  • Useful to clean all the microbes


  • This soap also, not compatible with all type of skin
  • Hardly produce no fragrance

Types of skin:

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Another way to selecting a perfect soap for the particular skin type. Human skin classified into five major categories.

  • Sensitive skin
  • Dry skin
  • Oilskin
  • Combined skin
  • Normal skin

Sensitive skin:

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Sensitive skin easily affected by even small touches. This type of skin immediately turns into the red even, small pH change or insects.

These skin type persons better to get advice from the doctors in selecting a soap. Choosing the wrong soap will affect severely.

Dry Skin:

Dry skin peoples have less oil or moisture in their skin. Naturally, their oil glands secrete low sebum so, using the oil contained soaps will rectify this problem. Moisture soaps with better TFM help to increase the oil content. These soaps reduce the white patches produce by the naturally dry skin.


Oilskins are just opposite to the dry skin. Oil glands secrete more oil than usual. Too much of oil always present the face like a greasy one. So, reduce the too much of oil we use soaps without moisture. Soaps contain aloe vera, turmeric and other some contents without that moisture. 

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Combined Skin:

Combined skin contains both oil and dry skin where some area of the soap oil skin and another section of the skin have dry skin. So, you don’t need to use two different soaps for the two sides. Use soaps contain low moisture content.

Normal Skin:

Normal skins have both the oil and the dryness level at allowed conditions. So you need not increase the moisture in those skins.

Another good news for these skin type persons can use all type of soap.

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