How to sleep like a pro


  •                          Sleeping is more important than anything in human life. Sleeping is varying with the deep sleeping time each person have only 5 hours of there whole sleeping time period. For example, if you sleep 8 hours you will get only 5 hours of deep sleep otherwise if you sleep 6 hours every day you get 5 hours of deep sleep. This shows sleep well for a minimum period that varies from 6 to 7 hours.
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  •         Don’t use mobile phones and laptops half an hour before sleeping. So keep mind that, don’t chat on FB or twitter before sleeping. Also, avoid putting the mobile phones near you when sleeping. Avoid the Mobile placing near your bed that harm your smooth cells.

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  •      Eat healthy foods in the night avoid putting too much food in your stomach that will definitely harm you. For better sleep avoid curd and meat in the night time that took more time to digest.

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  •            Sleep left-side of your body. Our body equally split by hot and cold quote by the Yoga philosophy. That says our left side is fully cold and right side body is hot. When we sleep left side our body reduces cold air and hot air circulate easily. That useful to digest the food also keep your sleep well.

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