Is there Any Moon Named Corona?

 We all know How the coronavirus made a huge impact on our lifestyle. It changed everything whoever protests against the technology, Now attending Online classes and Video calls through the same technology; Husbands are learned how to cook and wash. The middle-aged student also got a smartphone. Another cruel face of this virus responsible for deaths and poverty many more. People suffering without jobs and much more threats caused by the honourable corona. Hope We back to the normal condition.

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Is There Any Moon Named Corona?

  In Materiology the same word corona represents the Optical Phenomenon produced by the diffraction of sunlight or moonlight by small ice crystals of clouds and foggy glass surface. A light ring around the moon, sun or another celestial object. The central part of the celestial is known as the aureole. In the case of the moon, the Aureol starts from the bluish-white colour disk and fades to the brown coloured ring towards the edge. Wikipedia

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Pollen Corona

Pollen is the powdery substance that contains pollen grains which are male microgametophytes of seed plants. This pollen suspended in air can also cause the corona effect because these are not in the perfect sphere shape. They can be seen at the blooming season having a sufficient amount of pollen.

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Corona is not the name of the moon. Its the name of the phenomena caused by the light.

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