kilogram is change

The kilogram is redefined by officials?

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Le Grand K

      We know that the mass of an object is calculated by the unit of Kilogram. All over the world kilo gram measured by any place is calculated by the standard unit cylinder placed on France.  The cylinder is known as Le Grand K. It created in 1879 and it is secured in the better environment outside Paris. At November 16th at a session of 26th General conference of measurements in Versailles, France. Representative countries all over the world voted for change the mass standard and also they want to redefine the measurement standards.

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Schlamminger and his team

             On May 20th of this year, Le Grand K is lost it’s special and that kilogram standard is redefined by the Plank’s constant Also they redefine the standard unit of Kelvin and Second. From yesterday the unit of planks constant is fixed. Soon the unit of mass is represented by the new cylinder recently and the unit is made by the cylinder. Meteorologists Schlamminger and Newell are created this unit The difference between the new one and the older cylinder is around 10 micrograms. After that, Le Grand K is not the standard for mass. 

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