Logo Creating Competition for 75th Anniversary of India-Mauritius Relationship

A subdivision of the Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) called Extreme Publicity & Public Diplomacy(XPD) invites logo designs for the upcoming celebration of the 75th diplomatic relationship between India and Mauritius. India has a good relationship with Mauritius in economic, cultural, education, and defense. India has been the predominant exporter of goods and services in Mauritius since 2007. To celebrate this relationship in 2023, XPD created this logo creation competition. It’s open for both Indian and Mauritius citizens. 

logo creating competition
credit: pexels

What are the Rules for this logo creating competition?

  • Candidates should be citizens of either India or Mauritius.
  • It should show the India-Mauritius relationship.
  • The number 75 must be placed in the logo predominantly.
  • The texts used in the logo are either in English or Hindi-Mauritian combined.
  • Multiple entries from the same participant are prohibited.
  • The logo must be unique and don’t violate copyright issues.
  • All selected logos are intellectual properties of MAE. So, you can’t claim copyright in the future.

To know more rules click here.


The competition is live on the MyGov portal between May 1 and May 31 this year.


The first prize will receive 75,000 rupees, and three consolidated logos shall receive RS.10,000 each by the selection committee. Prize money will be payable after the TDS deduction.

Submit your logo now.

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