Marvellous places to visit in incredible India

Marvellous places to visit in Incredible India

Krishna’s Butterball

 In Chennai, there are a lot of places to visit among them  Krishna’s Butterball is the historic place. This place where huge rock more than a few tonnes weight stone is placed on the sloppy rock. This huge rock is placed there without any support.
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Dudhsagar waterfall

This Waterfall located near the border of Karnataka and Goa. This fall is known as one of the tallest waterfalls in India. This waterfall created by the Mandovi river. This contains 200 meters Railway track on the falls.
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Nubra Valley – Kashmir

 Nubra valley is 14 kilometres away from the Leh. This place is also known for camel riding. wonderful place for taking a selfie and the beautiful view feel you better in this place. June to October is the ideal period to visit this place.
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