Mesmerizing animals around us in this world

credit: third party image reference

There are a lot of weird things around the world. Most of these things look so beautiful and lovable. 
The blue angel sea slug
A very rare blue slug nicknamed as the “blue angel”. These angels only found on the coasts of South Africa and Australia. These slugs are carnivorous and feed other poisonous creatures such as the Portuguese man of war. It sucks poison from its prey in a specialised sack, stores and uses the poison on future prey.

credit: third party image reference

Tardigrades also called as water bears or moss piglets are the fascinating microorganism can live in outer space. These creatures always like to live in muds and soil. Now scientists found that these species can live in an environment at least -200 degree Celsius of cold or as hot as 150 degrees Celsius. Now scientists discovered, these creatures can survive radiation, boiling liquids and pressure more than six times that of the deepest point of the Ocean. 

credit: third party image

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