NASA Ready to launch their New Mars Rover Perseverance 2020

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NASA’s new Mars rover perseverance ready to launch by July 30 from the Jet Propulsion Lab. This Mission is one of the significant to colonizing Human on Mars in the future. The rover also collaborates on its journey with the helicopter drone Ingenuity created by the 17 years old student Vaneeza Rebecca from Alabama.



       Perseverance rover is the slightly upgraded rover from the Curiosity. The rover had its own 4.1m robotic arm with a drilling machine to dig Mars’s soil and capable of collecting more than 30 rock samples. Also, its new upgraded devices can identify if there any microbial activity in the ancient period. If there were possible ancient microbes, it would calculate how they evaluate, and we can predict the favourable human growth at Mars in upcoming periods.

How the Rover Generate its Power?

  This rover generates its power from the Radio Isotope Generator (RTG). The device mentioned in the Martian movie to overcome the worse cold weather on Mars. A similar device used to generate power. Plutonium dioxide-coated RTG can able to produce more than 110 watts. For backup purpose, they use two li-ion batteries with solar-power panels.



   Vaneeza Rebecca, a 17-year-old student from Alabama who invented this helicopter drone and named Ingenuity. This drone travel with the rover for the demo test. Each 30th day, the rover launches this drone and tests its ability to fly on Mars. Every test includes a 5-6 m height from the mars surface for 20 minutes. This success demo will lead the drone to assure its place for future missions.

It can fly more than 600 meters from the Earth’s surface.

Mission Path Map:


   Perseverance and Ingenuity both packed and launched by the Atlas V-541 rocket from Jet Propulsion Lab on July 30. These two machines that travel alone in space will land on Mars in February Next year. The total expected life period of both rover and drone is around one mars’ year comparatively, 687 Earth days. During this mission period, the rover expected to collect 25-30 Rock samples and more than eight drone launch tests have done. For the safe landing purpose, NASA uses the Aeroshell Parachute.


    NASA spend overall around $2.6 billion on this. From 1993 NASA continuously updates its research methods to study the Red planet with a single motive to Create a unique place to People can able to live after the end of Earth’s life.

Perseverance landed on Mars:


NASA’s journey of Mars exploration made another milestone on Feb 18 of this year. Rover named Perseverance landed successfully on the Mars soil. Perseverance is the fifth successful rover launched by the Jet propulsion lab. The remaining four rovers are Sojourner, Opportunity, Spirit and Curiosity; surprisingly, these are still active now. But this time, the new one loaded with seven developed instruments. Also, this contains a tiny drone called Ingenuity. Perseverance launched from our blue planet on July 30 2020.

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