NASA’s CineSpace Short Film Competition 2021


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credits: NASA

     We all well know about NASA run competitions for students and other public citizens. CineSpace is one of its well-known competitions organized with the Houston Cinema Arts Society. Participants from all around the world can apply. Participants need to create a video with their creative ideas with NASA’s imagery. Videos must contain NASA’s public image sources available on their sites. Finalists will be awarded and reviewed by the Academy Award Nominee Richard Linklater. 

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  • Filmmakers with all level of experience can apply for this competition

  • The film will be submitted to the content creating platform Tongal.

  • The film must not exceed 10 minutes and should use at least 10% of NASA’s imagery.

  • One can make videos in any genre like animation, Documentary, Narration etc.

Awards: $26,000 In total Prize

Open Date of submissions: March 1, 2021

Close Date of Submissions: July 14, 2021

Frequency of the competition: Annually

For more information: visit

Find NASA imagery and videos at

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