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        Robotic Hummingbird

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        we all know about hummingbird they are lighter, faster and got its good aerodynamic nature to fly like a master. Even the hummingbird heartbeat also more than 1000 per minute. Xinyan Deng, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue who invented a new robotic hummingbird with artificial intelligence technology it can able to produce the artificial map inside without affecting the environment. This hummingbird flies silently just like a real one. It has to stabilize its steady state without affected by the normal flow of air.

                   Real hummingbirds have huge a number of muscles to make a high amount of strokes but the robot produce the strokes by its new structure that gives the faster with minimal weight. This robot used for rescue purpose it acts as a drone to calculate the affected persons in the rescue mission and also is useful for biologists to calculate the animals and discover the life of the hummingbirds.
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               Robot by IEEE US

                   In  2011 the company AeroVironment produced the robotic hummingbird for US defense but it has a huge mass compared to the normal bird. Also, it needs a Human help to fly over the air. But Deng’s bird only 12 grams and it can lift 24 grams. All the body of the robot designed by using 3D printing technology. It will release by Deng’s team on 20th May of this year.
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Xinyan Deng and her team

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