Nobel prize for the 2019 Chemistry

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Nowadays lithium-ion batteries had a prominent place in rechargeable batteries. More developments are taken a day to day in these batteries. In 1970 Stanely Whittingham developed and created a strong basement on lithium battery technology. He used titanium as a cathode in the battery. The anode of the battery is created by half-metallic lithium.

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John Goodnough who developed the lithium battery increased the potential of the battery by changing the cathode as a metal oxide instead of the metal sulfide. In the 1980s cobalt metal oxides are used as a cathode.
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Akira Yoshino who invented the commercial lithium-ion battery first. He created the battery by using the petroleum coke, cathode’s cobalt oxide can intercalate lithium ions.
The final battery is light weighted and more powerful.  Then the battery is charged for more than 1000 times. The achievement of this battery is not made upon the chemical reactions they only focused on the electrode.
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These batteries are entered into the market in 1991. these batteries are made the foundation of wireless charging and fossil fuel society.

Prize share
  The Nobel prize is shared equally to these three scientists. The total Nobel prize amount is around 1.1 million US$

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