Our people create the dress by using air conditionar?

Our people create the dress by using the air conditioner?

                         Our people using the air conditioner for keeping their room cool. They use most of the ac, air coolers and fan also. Science technically improved the Air conditioner is placed on the inner dresses. This technology is based on Peltier’s effect. Copper and tellurite used to create the metal plate passing the current through the couple cooling are created. Changing temperature cool to hot by simply changing the direction of the current. This device consumes only 80 watts of energy. Californian university scientist designed this device as a demo after that they decided to create the full dress.

உடை வடிவில் வரப்போகுது ஜில், 'ஏசி!'

Peltier’s effect:
                   when an electric current passes through the thermal couple heat is absorbed or emitted.

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