Ronaldo knows the physics to trick the goal keeper

Ronaldo knows the physics to trick the Goalkeeper:

     When a soccer player like Ronaldo and Messi and many others kick the centre of the ball that causes the rotation effect on the ball. The direction and curve of the ball totally depending on the ball depends on where you kick the ball. When you kick harder that causes the more rotations on the ball.
When the ball rotates on the air the Magnus effect takes place.

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Physical relation:

When the ball on top-spin causes the velocity of the air around the top half of the ball is less than the velocity of the air around the bottom half of the ball. because of the top half of the ball direction opposite to the direction of airflow. The bottom half the ball direction is the same as the direction of the airflow. This causes the force acting on the downwards to the ground.

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For an Example:

If Ronaldo kicks the ball in the left side from the centre the Magnus effect acts on the ball to spin in the clockwise direction result the ball moves on the left side. Similarly, when he kicks the ball right side of the centre rotates the ball in a counter-clockwise direction and the ball moves in the left side.
Definitely, this physical concept useful to trick the goalkeeper.

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To know the Magnus effect briefly check the below link:
The Magnus Effect

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