Small History with (about) Ice-cream

Small History with(about) Ice-cream

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              Apart from age every one loves Ice-creams they eat that in Hot summer and winter. Children love these very much. History of this Ice-cream starts in 4th century before Christ. Also another story about these creams was Roman Emperor Nero who first created this by using ice cubes from glaciers at B.c.37. He also known as the father of Ice-cream. Legendary Emperor King Dong from china who created the recipe for creating Ice-cream by using Ice cubes and fruit mixtures in B.c 618. The method of creating these ice-creams traveled from china to Europe. 
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After that Ice creams recipe slightly changed to Milk as its major component. These Ice-creams traveled all over the Europe continent like German and Italy. These Exported Ice-creams were got a place in the American Legend’s dinning table. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Dally Madison were loved this Ice-cream.
In 1776, United America’s first Ice-cream parlor opened in New York.  

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