SpaceX SN11 launch: Will the Starship SN11 launch today?

SN 10 launch video

SpaceX started to climb one more step to achieve the Mars mission. SpaceX is launching its prototype Rocket called starship SN11. SN11 is the new prototype from the SN series; there are more successful rockets SN8, SN9, and SN10. SpaceX looks to create the perfect rocket to carry man to the Red planet.

SpaceX decided to launch and test the rocket this weekend, but they try to delay the launch. 

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When the SpaceX launch SN11?

  • On March 22, SpaceX conducted a fire test on the rocket. Also, all kind of engineering tests completed.

  • They planed to launch the Rocket on March 24. But there’s no official announcement that came about the mission.

sciencewithfun, SpaceX

  • Where SpaceX’s Boca Chica base is situated to launch has ordered schedule is around March 24.

  • Also, the road closure has issued for March 25 and 26.

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