Still The deadly corona spreading all over the world | Iran, Kuwait

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All over the world china is leading with the 80,000 corona infected people. The total outbreak is started from the Wuhan. Now the 99 middle east people were infected by this deadly disease. Iran has a large number that 60 people were affected. Iranian MP from Qom said that they identified the 61 cases including 15 deaths. Also, the number of people infected is suspected to be much higher than they reported.

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  There are 13 people infected by the new virus. Bahrain Prime Minister reported that the number of infected people raised to eight.


 The number of infected people raised from three to eight by the last day. Four people were known as passengers from Iran.

Egipt and Lebron reported the infected one person each

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Kuwait government stopped the Aeroplanes and ship. Also, they advised the Iranian government to stop the Airline and Ship transportation.

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