The full story of Chandrayan 2

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Basic things to know:

    Indian space research Organisation (ISRO) launched its second lunar mission from the Sathees Dhawan space station Sri Haricotta. The basic object of this mission is to map and study the various types of compositions of the moon and to determine the lunar water. This Chandrayan 2 packed in the GSLV Mark III  launched on the date 22 July 2019.
                  Chandrayan 2 mission is fully packed with 3 components Rover, Lander and Orbiter.
    Orbiter – Rotates the moon and gather more information about the moon from the distance                                  1km.
          Lander – This one landed on the moon that stands on the particular place and receives the data                            from the rover that signal transmitted to the orbiter.
          Rover  –  Rover that moves from the lander that gets 
a sample from the moon to the Lander.
Chandrayan 2  Lander landed on September 7, 2019.
Note: Lander and Rover have a lifetime of 14 days.


              On September 7 Lander landed on the moon the signal from the lander to the station was lost at the distance of 2.1 km from the moon. The Rover receives the signal from the orbiter but the lander that doesn’t send any signal.
             Researchers tried their best but they can’t able to receives the signal from the lander.
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