The most important chemical now in demand.

The most important chemical now in demand

What do we celebrate on the 22nd march?. It is an important day not only to us but for all the whole world!
 No living thing on earth could survive without this small chemical substance and we celebrate its importance on that day; yes, the chemical is water and the day is World Water Day. Water is a natural resource available in our planet; 71% of our earth is covered with water and is called the hydrosphere. Of the total water, only 2.6% of the water is freshwater. The major portion of the freshwater on the earth is in the form of fresh ice caps and glaciers and the minimum amount of water is under the ground, called groundwater, the remaining tiny share is on the surface; rivers and swamps comprise the minor ones.
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Comparision activity:

 Take a 20liter of bucket, mug, glass tumbler and spoon. The total amount of water in the world is compared to the water in the bucket. Water in the mug is compared to the total freshwater in the world. The glass of water is compared to the water in ice glaciers and groundwater. The amount of water in the spoon is compared to the water in rivers and lakes.
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Usage of water in everyday life

Bathing, washing our clothes, brushing, toilet flushing, drinking and cooking. The important fact is that people waste their 12% of the water every day. This thing is showing that people have poor awareness of water consumption.  People supposed to plant trees and lawns, Grow these lawns by using the wastewater from bathroom and kitchen.

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