The most Weirdest inventions of this year

People invent new things every day but some of the inventions got a good place others are not. Some of these craziest inventions of this year that really impress everyone.
Keyboard jeans:
Dutch inventer Erik De Nijs, who felt sad about bringing his keyboard for all places so he thinks to interconnect the Jeans and keyboard. These pants also have the mouse and speakers. This keyboard pant is now in the market for 250 Euros.
credit: third party image reference
Hug Pillow:
This pillow helps a woman far from her boyfriend place. And she a person needs a male companion this pillow satisfies their needs.
credit: third party image reference
Flip shoes:
This shoe contact with your bottom foot only they can’t contact the upper part of your foot. That makes you cool in the summer days.

Wish you all Happy New Year; Enjoy the twists and turns of the upcoming year.

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