The unstoppable growth of the robotic technology

The unstoppable growth of the  robotic technology

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Leonardo da Vinci a famous European artist, Inventor and also a Science expert who gives a lot of invention ideas to the world like a pyramid-shaped life suite. One of the famous inventions of him is a robot or the self-thinking machine that can walk and jump like a man. This invention is only in the paper Da Vinci doesn’t create a robot he gives the layout for creating a robot.
The term Robot first coined by the Czech writer Karel Capek that replaces the word “Artificial Automata”. In 1954 George Devol first invented the digitally operated robot called Unimate. 1956 Devor and his partner Joseph created the first robot company. In 1961 first Industrial robot Unimate went in a general motors automobile factory. Another story about the word robot that is this term coined by the Russian born American writer Issac Asimov but the true inventor of the word robot is coined by Karen.
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Widely known Father of robotics is Joseph Engelberg who was closely worked with George Devol. He licensed and developed Worlds first robot in the USA. In 1898 Nicola Tesla who remotely controls the weapons torpedo by his Hertzian Waves that is the initiative for creating the remote-controlled robots in real.
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World’s first autonomous thinking robot created by the William Grey Walter of the Burden Neurological Institute at Bristol on England at 1948. After that many complex automated robots are created.
Modern Robots used not only in Engineering and Manufacturing they also used in Education, Service, Chat, Housework and even these robots are also used as a babysitter. 
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