Top Five Online learning Website You Should Know in 2022

     Learning online has become part and parcel of our lives after the pandemic. Honestly, these businesses hikes in overnight People all over the world are forced to use this. Tonnes of different websites and organizations grow day to day and provide courses. Here are the top sites based on my personal experience and all other tests. The list contains five major online learning platforms and their average course price they are,

  • Udemy

  • Coursera

  • Edx

  • Cybrary

  • Internshala

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     One of the well-grown online learning sites with affordable prices these days. They provide free courses and courses with minimum price ranges from 200rupees to 3000 rupees. Unlike other sites, Udemy allows anyone can publish a class. If you are good at something, you will create a 2-hour class on it and earn from this site. Udemy gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee on some courses so, either a teacher or student get better benefit from this site. Udemy also has certified courses from various organizations. Companies like Netflix and Amazon have trust in this website. Subject materials from different teachers lead to unworthy content. You will figure the worthiness of the course after spending some time that is a bad thing.


  1. Free courses are available
  2. Course price is low
  3. Anyone can upload a class and earn


     Without Coursera, there’s no online learning talk. They have thousands of courses from hundreds of organizations, companies and colleges. You can learn courses from the world’s topmost universities. Learn English at Oxford University, Physics in Brisbane and Computer science at Harward University at the same time. This is the freedom never come as a usual student. When large companies enter into the board, then the prize will hike. Courses on this site start from 3000 rupees. The unique thing about this site is you can learn classes without paying. You need a certificate for the particular course. They provide financial aid for some classes; you either cut a partial amount of the fee or the entire amount. You need to check the financial aid courses and apply for aid. If you are eligible, they will give some financial support.


  • Courses from topmost Universities, organizations and companies
  • They provide financial support
  • Earn a certificate from highly authenticated sides.



     Edx is pretty similar to the Coursera. They also provide courses from the world’s best companies and Universities. The best part is their interface, unlike other sites on this list. The interface is so simple; You can learn the course without paying them. They provide all access to the courses for free except the certification.


  • Learn from Top universities and organizations
  • Better interface
  • providing well-authenticated certificates 


     Cybrary is providing courses in very particular topics like computer hacking, ethical hacking and pissing etc. They teach for all levels of students. They are best known for their ethical hacking lessons. This website’s certificate is accepted by many companies, few organizations that teach computer and web skills from this site. Unlike other’s sites in this list, they provide only nerd things( computer and web-based programs).


  • They teach professional skills
  • Top Organizations directly invest their employees


     Internshala is a website that not only teaches you online courses but also provides internships. Internships are based on your skill and eligibility. You can learn skills from the same site and apply for internships. So, you can earn while you learn. This site also runs millions of offer programs, where you can learn more with minimum spending. Compare to all other sites on the list they cost you less.


  • Learn as well as earn from internships
  • The fee is comparatively low.

     All these platforms allow you to learn from various organizations and universities. Some of these companies also run affiliate programmes you can earn by adding more members from your link. Either you earn as an affiliate or apply for jobs using the certificates provided by these sites.

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