Top Five Ugliest animals ever

                   Nature has different faces it is beautiful and looking marvelous of its good looking places like Falls, gardens, Forest, trees, seashore and beautiful underwater. These show that the happiest world and good looking world what you think about an ugly world?  Lets we start to see the five ugliest animals in the world by science with fun.

  • No.5  Hagfish

                 Hagfishes are 0.5m long and look like an eel-fish. These fishes are in variant colors range from pink to blue-gray and black or white spots are present on its body. Hagfish produce slime by its hundreds of slime glands. It’s looking ugly with its slime.

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  • No.4 Snake-necked turtle

                  Snake neck turtle found in Australia it is generally in black color with its slight greenish shell. It eats verity of animals. This includes insects, worms, tadpoles, frogs and fish. The neck size varies between 28 to 29cm for female and 18 to 19 cm for male. The neck brings it to the fourth place of our list.

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  • No.3 Ugly Nose monkey

                      Proboscis monkey has named Ugly-Nose monkey it has a huge nose that looks so ugly. Even anyone never likes this kind of nose for their girlfriend or boyfriend. These monkeys are first found in Tibet. The name proboscis mean that Large or elongated nose or mouth. These are social animals like us they live 3 to 12 individuals in a single group.

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  • No.2 Mexican  Burrowing Toad

                  Mexican Burrowing Toad is one of the ugliest animals in the world. The name Burrowing meant that an animal one adapted to live in digging primarily but not live in solely. It eats insects like ants and termites. For its ugly purple color with a layer of slime brings it to the second position of our list
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  • No.1  Blobfish

                  I am excited to say the number one animal of our list is blobfish. Underwater fish like a large jelly-like face with its dislocated eyes makes it terrible. Its body is too gelatinous and it is too ugly…

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other ugly animals for you

                                                                                                               Naked Mole Rat
Image result for naked mole rat

Image result for angler fish

Angler fish
Image result for vampire bat

Vampire Bat

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