Unknown story of the pressure man Pascal


    Pascal, born at Clermont on June 19 1623. His father moved to Paris in 1631. His father always felt sad about his lack of studies and stuck by his display of ability and gave him a copy of Euclid’s Elements, a book Pascal read with courage and soon comprehended.
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  Pascal started to write the book about entire mathematics at the age of 16, he finished that work at his 35th age. He invented the first mechanical calculating machine. He repeated the Toicille’s experiments and assumed that the pressure as the weight.
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  He repeated pressure experiments until his old age. Also invented the Arithmetic triangle by himself.
  He entered the Port Royal Society with his two sisters. His great mechanical calculator ruled the world for more than 300 years. After the arrival of electronic calculators, people forgot his great invention.
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For his uncountable work on pressure, scientist still uses his name as a unit of pressure.

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