Unsolved misteries for all in the world

mysteries are really stimulating us to improve our ideas. People and scientists confused to find the answer for many years. There are a lot of mysteries in the world they are quite different from these mysteries.

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UFO’s around the Roswell

   UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Objects these are the common name for all unknown objects in the space like a comet, Helicopter, Aircraft and so on. In the late 20th century people told that an alien spaceship around the US airbase. Its first look funny after that people are seen these ships were again and again seen by the people. That creates a mystery about the alien ship. Till now  Roswell people believe in this and they create a lot of hotels and shops around that place.

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Stonehenge is a mystery for everyone

  In 3100 BC people created this Stonehenge with whale-sized rocks. There are no wheels at that time. Without any vehicle use its impossible to move the rocks from one place to another, but they do that very well. It nearly 5000 years old and this one is the unsolved mystery. There is no evidence what is it? people believe that this is a moon calendar.

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