Water doesn’t have a friend?

Water doesn’t have a friend?

We all have friends. Somebody has a lot of friends. Here everybody has a friend, He walks with us every time; He sleeps with us and He plays with us. These kinds of friends commonly called Shadows. Shadows always travel with us. let’s look about shadows.
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         Shadows are created by the material that has resistance against the light. For example, a ball placed in a table; Light passes through the ball; the ball has the resistance against the light that means no light pass through the ball. This causes the shadow of the ball. These same phenomena take place in yourself also.
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         Now come to the water have the transmission power of water that means, light can pass through the water. There is some shadow caused when the water placed in the glass bowl. This shadow caused by the ripples and waves of the water in the glass bowl. Another reason like the water-air contact region is to cause the shadow but technically, water doesn’t have shadow anymore.
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The fire also doesn’t have the black shadow because of the flames of the fire more brighter than the fire this causes the neglection of the shadow of fire.

Terms you need:


             The phenomena of light deflected in passing obliquely through the interface between one medium and another.

              The change in direction of light waves in the interference of two media.

              Diffraction is bending of light waves.

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