What are the different types of space objects can hit our earth?| Comets vs Asteroids.

      There are different types of space objects that travel around the Earth. Some of them can hit the surface of our planet. People confuse these objects with their names. Today we see about the different types of space objects that possibly enter our atmosphere.

Four different objects can hit the Earth’s surface. They are,

  • Meteoroids
  • Asteroids
  • Meteorites
  • Comets


     Asteroids are objects made of rock and iron that revolves around the orbit between Saturn and Jupiter. Asteroids are present all around the solar system, but a fraction of them are present between Saturn and Jupiter. They are massive objects; their size varies from smartphone size to football stadium size. Like all other planets in the solar system, Asteroids revolves around the sun. They sometimes reach the Earth. Each year more than 30 asteroids came near the Earth atmosphere.



     Meteoroids are the small portion of the Asteroids that are formed from the collision between other planets. Meteoroids can enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Unlike Asteroids, they are small in size and moves randomly in the solar system. When they enter the Earth’s atmosphere due to friction, these objects burn into ashes. Meteoroids are made up of metal and rock.



     Meteorites are the small fractions are objects that fell on Earth’s surface. Meteorites either be Asteroid or Meteoroid; whatever hits the Earth’s surface is known as meteorites. They are the survivors after the atmosphere burn. Some meteorites are like rice grain, but few of them can burn a portion of the forest.



     Comets are also known as shooting stars. People have different beliefs on these. Comets are made up of dust and ice. They burn and produce flame throughout the path of the comet. Comets revolve around the sun with different orbits. Whenever the dust and ice balls come near to the sun, they burn and produce a tail.

Major impacats of Meteorites:

     Over the millions of years, different types of meteorites hit the earth surface there impact diameter ranges from 3m to several kilometres. Scientists found evidence to prove the early civilizations of people are maybe destroyed by the meteorite shower. We know the possibility of the dinosaurs erupted by the meteorites. In the 20th century, near Siberia, Russia was impacted by meteorites that burn everything around the 5 to 10km radius. More than 80 million trees were burned down. Fortunately, the comet hits the forest so, there are no casualties, but millions of trees and animals were burned into ashes.

Cute comets:


     People in the early periods were afraid of the comet. Later some of the people believed those are messengers of God. When people see these comets, they pray for their needs to succeed. Haley comets are one of the famous comets. We can see this comet every 76 years. The next closest arrival of this comet will happen in 2061. There are more than 3700 comets were discovered. Based on the materials present in the comet changes the colour of the comet. Comets have an irregular path so, they are easily destroyed by the planet’s gravity. Shoemakers levy-9 is the ninth known comet captured by Jupiter in 1922. The comet burned into ashes when it reaches the atmosphere clouds of Jupiter.

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