What happens when moon shut down its work

What happens when the moon shutdown its work

       In the solar system, all planets have their own moon. The moon always rotates its own parent planet. The basic theory is all moon or natural satellites are created by the parent planet. Now make a small assumption that moon will stop its rotation. Most of you think this doesn’t affect anymore but the fact is the moon and Earth is always attracted to each other. Each parent and daughter planets is important for each other.
           Our planet is covered by 70% of the sea all the sea water always attracted by earth gravity and the moon’s gravity also. Tides in seas depend on the moon’s gravity. In the new moon and full moon days the moon, earth and sun are in the same line that causes the increase in gravity level that causes the tides are huge in those days.
              When the moon is stopped its rotation the gravity upon the sea is reduced that causes the huge tides in the land place that causes the huge disaster in the world. That day people are will affect and face the Huge disaster ever. 

If I were a developed alien, I need to destroy the human civilization,  I first target the moon.

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