What is Physical Education? Why we need this?


     Some people and students have a misconception about physical sciences and physical education. Both are different. In Physical Sciences, we learn about natural phenomena like air pressure, waves and tides in the sea; this subject is known as physics in short. But in the case of Physical Education, we learn about the physic of our physical tendency and improve human performance with some physical activities. 

Physical education not only involves the physical properties of our body but also includes the soul and mind. When the mind and body combine in sports, that yield a better result.


Importance of Physical Education:

     Every student or person contains more energy. A student spends a small amount of energy on learning facts from schools, and the remaining power is wasted. Psychologists all around the world say involving students in some sports helps them to spend their entire energy. When students drain their stamina in a constructive manner that prevents them from other unwealthy activities.




     Physical activities involve mind games and physical games. When a person Improving his physical activity, that automatically improves his mental ability. Other unique aspects of this are given below, 


  • Playing sports at school ages, that healthier their lifestyle.


  • Improving sportsmanship in all aspects of life


  • Helping students to improve their physical potential.

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     One of the significant aspects learned from this is sportsmanship. The quality of being fair, generous and polite when you are playing a game or doing sport is known as sportsmanship.





      A game always has one winner(or one team) so accepting the reality and appreciating the opponents is needed. This quality is known as sportsmanship which is also applicable for real life.


Lack of physical education in schools:

      In 2013, the Institute of Medicine reported that school students in elementary school need more than 30 minutes of exercise and 45 min for middle and higher secondary students. But after some survey, researchers found that students were involved in physical activity for only 15 minutes on average.



     Research says that physically fit persons provide good attention in education. The students’ education system also consists of physical education.


     People around all over the world don’t give importance to their child’s fitness. In some countries, physical education is only for 2hrs per week. That’s also compensated for other subject needs.


     A low number of teachers, only one physical teacher for the entire school. In some schools, there’s no physical education teacher. Government providing low funds to buy gym equipment and sports kits leads to quitting physical education.


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     A change in education doesn’t depend on the government only. It depends on parents, students, teachers and society. Without everyone, we cannot reform anything. Students need to know about the importance of physical education and become master of it. 





     Parents identify their children’s favourite sport and encourage them to do well. Also, advising teachers to supervise physical activities and include the physical test as a compulsory one.


     Spreading awareness about the subject making physical education compulsory providing proper funds even collecting from the parents, will improve the student’s future.


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