What is SpaceX?

 What is SpaceX?


     Space exploration is a pretty fascinating field. From all over the world, scientists solving mysteries. But, they always have more number of unsolved problems in areas like space and the depth sea. So, always they welcome discoveries around these fields. Some government entities like NASA, ROSCOSMOS, ISRO, NASDA and more are started their works in the 50s of the past century. Being a private corporation to do some space research is a joke at that time. But now, Elon Musk made it’s possible with his retired NASA’s scientists team. The pretty simple answer is the private company that does some science stuff in a vacuum.

What are the motives and missions of Space X?


 Space X have some motives, but the leading vision of Space X is to colonise the human species on Mars. Within a few centuries, our kind species will make our world as disfavour to live. So that time, we need a refuge camp in the solar system. Fortunately, scientists work on that and find Mars to be the better choice. Also, Space X targeting the same location and started its progress with better improvement. 

What’s Space X’s Remarkable Work?


     Space X has done many successful space launches. Space X launches reusable rockets so that reducing the cost of space travel. They created falcon-9 that successfully launched in 2015 after many struggles. The rocket went into space and return to the ocean stage with a vertical landing. Space X is the first private commodity to launch spacecraft, so it’s easy to add each achievement with the “first private company”. Also, they successfully delivered astronauts with their Dragon spacecraft to International Space Station. After the delivery, the spacecraft returned to the earth. Still, the falcon-9 serves its purpose. They are the first private company to send satellites to countries like Afghanistan and America.

Something about Elon Musk:


     Elon Musk is the founder and CEO, CTO and chief designer of the Space X. The CEO of Tesla, founder of the Boring Company and co-founder of Neuralink and many more. First created and co-founded the software company zip2 with his brother. That company sold for $300 million for Compaq in 1999. Then co-founded the online bank X.com. He merged his company with another online bank and named PayPal in the same year. He sold his company for $1.5 Billion to eBay. He wisely spends his money on two companies Tesla and Space X. Rest is history.

What are the science-based companies Elon Musk have right now?


     We discussed Space X right from the beginning, so we move on to others. Telsa American Electric car and the clean energy-based company creates some zero sound vehicles. Now he started to produce single-crystalline battery cars with high durability. Some trucks are on Tesla’s checklist. 

     The Boring Company is transport-related, Not like Tesla, they run under the roads. Newly developing technology called loop where the passengers transported by the small capsules in the vacuum tubes. No resistance takes place that can move vehicle more than sound’s speed.

     Neuralink is a Neurotechnology company that develops implantable brain-machine interfaces. This device creates the link between the brain cells (neurons) by the wired brain and external devices.



     Without failure, there’s no progress. Space X company created some major inventions like reusable space crafts. But the unsuccessful are made them a wrong perspective. Reducing their failures and balanced growth made them unique from others. They are the pioneers in private explorations. Even countries like India, China and more now open Space exploration to the private sectors.

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