Which processor is best for smartphones

Which processor is best for smartphones

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        Smartphones are created by a different kind of processors MediaTek, Snapdragon, Kirini, Exynos and much more. Most of the smartphones are created by using the MediaTek and Snapdragon. Comparison between these processors is classified by five types they are
  • Cost
  • Performance
  • Heating 
  • Power consumption
  • graphics


 MediaTek processor is cheaper than snapdragon. For this most of the mobile phones are created by using MediaTek. Under the 7000 segment, most of the mobile phones use this MediaTek processor.
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 Based on the performance the Snapdrogan is the best one. MediaTek is comparatively slow but higher core processor is best in the performance. In snapdragon minimum core processor is faster. The newly launched MediaTek P22 and P70 are good. Snapdragon 825 and 821 are huge power.
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Heating is more in the MediaTek because of its more cores. Increasing performance by the core splitting process causes the heating in mobile. This kind of mobiles useful as the iron box so you need a compact iron box you can buy the old variety of  MediaTek processor-based mobile phones. 
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Power Consumption

 Again based on the multicore these processors consume more power. These processors are gain more power so it drains the power of the battery.
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 In MediaTek processor get the graphics by Mali software support this service is bought from the third party company so it needs the interface. Snapdragon processor creates its own graphics Adriano this took minimum time to interface the graphics.
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